We make things for the www. We value our thoughts on the in-betweens of design and technology as much as we do our craft. KOD and FORM is our craft; & the ideas in-between. Connect with us → electronic mail or @kodform

And Talmor. Design by Morey Talmor and technology by KOD & FORM.

The newww Morey Talmor & Talmor & Talmor & Screensaver & Tictail Shop & IMDb Birthday special anniversary edition footer & smoothState & Talmor & Talmor & Talmor & design by Morey Talmor & technology by us.

Carl Kleiner. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Meet the new Carl Kleiner dot com. A massive(!) website with more than 100 projects, 7 years of Diary photos, and a new Behind the Scenes section. Designed in partnership with the man himself.
Ahlander Agency. A boutique website for a boutique literary agency. #books #authors #scandinavian

Design Sweden. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Design Sweden is an organisation set up with the sole purpose to support, nurture and enable designers living and working in Sweden and those operating abroad. Made with Ramiro Oblitas, Göran Söderström, Jenny Theolin and Petrus Plamér. Join us now!

Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Jonas Hassen Khemiri is unquestionably one of the most important writers of his generation. We (long-time fans) got to build his new online home. Yay! Let his words distract and delight you.

1961. Design and technology by KOD & FORM, together with Malmsten Hellberg.

1961. Exclusive penthouses require an exclusive website. Creative direction by the inclusive Malmsten Hellberg.

S P A C E MATTERS. Design and technology by KOD & FORM, together with Christopher West.

Concept, design and development → Space Matters captures what’s in the air: the thoughts, the styles, the personalities. Welcome to a digital atelier where inspirational women in fashion share their processes. Together w/ Christopher West.

Letters from Sweden. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Interactive type specimens built for Letters from Sweden. Anyone can write a letter in their favourite font(s) and mail it to their loved ones with Save-n-Send™. Or just play around.

Björn Terring. Design and technology by KOD & FORM, together with Joel Larsson.

New portfolio for lifestyle photographer Björn Terring, with Auto-collage© and Zoom-viewer©! Special thanks to code genius Joel Larsson.

Christian Haag. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Showcase and film archive for Director of Photography extraordinaire, Christian Haag. No-fuss, full-screen video whose (large) buttons demand you to press play.

Studio David Fischer. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

Portfolio for German photographer David Fischer. Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.

happyholidays.adult. Design and technology by KOD & FORM.

happyholidays.adult is an age restricted TLD season’s greeting from all of us to all of you. Please confirm that you are an adult before you enter.
Clients include, but are not limited to:
Aida Chehrehgosha, Anna Berglund, Ambjörn Viking, Björn Terring, Carl Kleiner, Christian Haag, David Fischer, Design Sweden, Igor Kazakoff, Ina Holmqvist & Emelie Wallgren, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Letters from Sweden, Malin Lundmark, Malmsten Hellberg, Michael Krotkiewski, Nordic Playlist, Olof Leth, Papperstidning, Space Matters, Sebastian Ramn, Sven Carlsson, Valin & Casting

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